Holy communion –Mk 14:22-24. Symbolic eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of Jesus is an ordinance that was commanded by the Lord Jesus in remembrance of Him. The communion table is potent and powerful revelation for long life and healing impartation. The communion table is served weekly and often.


Mk 6:13, James 5:124, Isaiah 10:27, Psalm 92:10. Oil in the scripture is symbolic of the Holy Spirit and Gods unction in the lives of His people. The anointing oil was used in the process of healing and ministration by the early apostles. It is a powerful medium of transferring God’s power and authority. However, faith should be in God, not in the substance.


Obadiah 17. The prayer mountain is a specific and very important meeting of the Livingspring commission. It is an interdenominational programme for all members of the body of Christ. It is ordained of God for the liberation of mankind from all oppressions of the enemy. The insights practice include :
a. Prophesying on material things: Phil 2:9-11, Ezek 37:1-7
b .Impartation release : This is done through hand laying, prophetic releases and the touch of the Holy Spirit
c. Bonfire Operation: Matt 7:19, Acts19:19. This is an insight whereby whatever we do not want again in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones are symbolically burnt off
d. Do it yourself prayers: Matt 7:7-8. We believe prayers or praying is a personal and non-transferable responsibility and that nobody can pray for you like yourself.
e. Shiloh Encounter: 1sam 1:10-12. This insight is based on the scriptural encounter of the people like Hannah with God. It is a time of making vows and pledges in anticipation of God’s mercy and magnanimity in our affairs.


Here, we look into the scripture to see what worked for Jesus Christ and the patriarchs, applying same with the Holy Ghost inspiration to deliver undeniable proofs in our time. These meetings are solution meetings and some of the impartational insights include:
a. Impartation for Business and Assistance
b. sImpartation for Help and Assistance
c. Impartation for Family
d. Impartation for Divine Connection
e. Impartation for Global Dimension
f. Impartation for First Born and Sons
g. Money Impartation
h. Impartation for Open Doors
i. Impartation for Good News from far and near
j. Mantle Impartation
k. Divine Visitation for waiting people
l. Impartation for New things


Our Lord Jesus Christ used symbolic actions when He put clay on the blind man’s eyes and told him to wash in the pool of Siloam (John 9:6-7). He also taught His disciples the practice of anointing for healing (Mk 6:13) Symbolic of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Prophetic action has significance in a number of biblical contexts. These are:
1. Intercession : ( 1kings 18 :42-44 ) Elijah putting his head in between his legs on Mount Carmel to pray till God brought cloud of rain on Israel again after 3 years of drought.
2. Healing: (2kings 5:9-14) Elisha told Naaman to dip himself in river Jordan in order to heal his leprosy.
3. Warfare: (Acts 21:10-12) Aaron and Hur stayed Moses hands until Joshua won the Amalekites.
4. Foretelling: (Acts 21:10-12) Prophet Agabus took Pauls girdle to bind his hand and feat, symbolizing his faith in Jerusalem.
5. Calling to Ministry: (1 kings 19:19) Elijah casted his mantle on Elisha, symbolizing his call to ministry.