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Children Ministry (Living kids)

living kids

Livingspring Chapel International started in December 1993, children started with the church then.  Under the leadership and visional Pastor Femi Emmanuel. The mandate of raising children with godly foundation 1 Corinth. 13:11, and God’s divine instruction of Proverb 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.

To achieve this our children go through different classes according to their ages
   Baby Class    0 – 3 years
   Dominion      4 – 6 years
   Joy class         7 – 9 years
   Peace class    10 – 13 years
The classes could be more than one arm for a particular age group...

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Children Evangelism

From a tender age the Living Kids are trained to teach the gospel to their peers, parents and other members of the Society they meet.

Charity projects

Living kids are alive to the social needs of other less privileged children living in motherless babies homes and routinely extend a hand of charity to them. "Giving is Living"

Living talents

Everyone has been Blessed by God with Talents and Capacities. At Living kids Focus is given to ensuring that each child is able to identify and develop his or her God given talent, in service to humanity "Giving is Living"
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In Teaching...

We are passionate about improving the quality of material and standards of teaching of our children, especially in the present environment we live in. We are striving to make Children’s Church not only fun for all involved, but also realize that what and how we teach will shape the future of our children as Christians. Before this time we buy already made manuals from Scriptures Union, CEF, and RCCG. Now because of our passion, we create monthly manuals in the living kids department which is line with monthly theme of the church.

Children are the most precious treasures any nation can posses, nurture them within the vineyard of the word of God.
Pastor Femi Emmanuel

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