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About Livingspring


Livingspring Chapel International


The Church was inaugurated on Saturday, 18th December, 1993 with a handful of people in the Parliament Building, Government Secretariat, Ibadan, Oyo State. With location restriction of only 2 meetings per week (Sunday Service and Tuesday Bible Study) coupled with poor commercial transportation on weekends, the Church struggled to grow in the first three (3) years of existence. As a result of petitions from various quarters on the use of the Parliament Building, the Military Government then gave us quit notice. 

God then divinely located us to the Miracle Auditorium, Sango, Ibadan with tremendous favour and outstanding results. Global spread started from there and we are now blessed with a Covenant Home in the heart of Ibadan City called DOMINION CITY, the venue of our annual convention for all Livingspringers Worldwide.


Reaching Out:

Strategic Evangelism to all and sundry from all spheres of life into the kingdom of God.

Reach In:

Teaching, Training and Retraining men to discover, develop and deploy their Golden Destiny from God.


 Raising and Releasing destined champions for the church and the entire world.

Pastor Femi Emmanuel


Pastor Femi Emmanuel, an Engineer, a one-time politician and a businessman turned preacher is the Presiding Pastor of Livingspring Chapel International with her National Headquarters in Ibadan and International Headquarters at Ikeja, Lagos.


Taking the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world in fulfillment of the Great Commission thereby;

(i)      Raising men that will fulfill their callings and purpose on earth, while preparing for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(ii)     Making Somebody out of a Nobody.

(iii)    Raising men of distinction in all areas and endeavours of life.

(iv)    Leaving a golden legacy for generations yet unborn.


Covenant insights and revelation keys are God’s truths revealed to the church and particularly the Livingspring Chapel for the release of blessings and breakthrough for mankind. Every door has a key and until the appropriate key is applied, a door remains shut. This teaching is to expose us to diverse keys and truths that God has provided for our lifting as a church and commission.


Communion Table – Mk. 14:22-24. Symbolic eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of Jesus is an ordinance that was commanded by the Lord Jesus in remembrance of Him. The communion table is a potent and powerful revelation for long life and healing impartation. The communion table is served weekly and often.


Mk. 6:13, James 5:124, Isa. 10: 27, Ps. 92:10. Oil in the scriptures is symbolic of the Holy Spirit and God’s unction in the lives of his people. The anointing oil was used in the process of healing and ministration by the early apostles. It is a powerful medium of transferring God’s power and authority. The anointing oil should be used as occasion demands and as led by the spirit. The olive oil is symbolic and representative. Our faith should be in God and not the substance.


Obadiah 17: The prayer mountain is a specific and very important meeting of the Livingspring Commission. It is a very unique prayer meeting programme that is ordained of God for the liberation of mankind from all oppressions of the enemy. It is an interdenominational programme for all members of the body of Christ.

Impartation Insights

This is another powerful key God had given us in this commission producing profound testimonies in our generation. They are practiced in meetings where we look into the Bible to see what worked for Jesus Christ and the patriarchs, applying the same with Holy Ghost inspiration to deliver undeniable proofs in our time.

Prophetic Actions

Our Lord Jesus Christ used symbolic action when He put clay on a blind man’s eyes and told him to wash in the pool of Siloam (John 9:6-7). He also taught His disciples the practice of anointing with oil for healing (Mark 6:13), symbolic of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Symbolism is a language that we relate to; it is the way we are ‘wired,’ in our spiritual DNA.

Our Team Ministers

Pastor Kola Oni

South-West Regional Pastor (Ibadan)

Pastor Bode Oluwaleye

South-West regional Pastor (Osogbo)

Pastor Kayode Ojo

South-West Regional Pastor (Abeokuta)

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