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Presiding Pastor's Welcome

Hello! I am Femi Emmanuel, the presiding pastor of Livingspring Chapel International, also known as the Lifting church. I want to personally welcome you to our official website. You will find useful information about the work the Lord has committed into our hands. Besides, materials that will richly bless your life have also been included to make your visit an exciting and rewarding experience. This ministry was founded by God and was officially inaugurated on 18th December 1993. Our international headquarters is located at 117, Obafemi Awolowo way, Allen junction, Ikeja Lagos. Our national headquarters is located at Dominion city, Aduloju bus stop, along Iwo road-Ojoo expressway Ibadan. Come with us, the Lord will do you good. Once again, you are welcome. I love you!
livingspring chapel int'l

About LSCI

Living spring chapel international started has a dream some years ago as a burden for soul winning that eventually translated into a vision. It was this vision that gave birth to evangelism. At a point in the then crusade and evangelism efforts, it became obvious that except there is a platform to establish the souls won, harvests from the field might not be sustainable. Thus, the idea of a church arm of the ministry was conceived and birthed as a means of retaining souls that were won through the crusade efforts of the Word Preachers Ministry.
The name “LIVINGSPRING” is predicated on the book of Isaiah 41:17-18 which says:”The poor and needy search for water, but there is none, their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the Lord will answer them. I the God of Israel will not forsake them. I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert pools of water and the parched ground into springs “So, the name “LIVINGSPRING CHAPEL “emanated from the burden of refreshing souls from the spring of life – Jesus Christ.
Today, the ministry is blessed with a covenant home of all Livingspringers worldwide in the heart of Ibadan city called DOMINION CITY, located at Aduloju Bus stop, along Iwo road –Ojoo expressway, Ibadan, which is the venue of our annual World Lifting Conference.

THE VISION: lifting


1. To reach out – strategic evangelism to all and sundry from all spheres of life into the kingdom of God.

2. To reach in –Teaching, training and retraining men to discover, develop and deploy their potentials.

3. To release – Raising and releasing destined champions for the church and the entire world.


Taking the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world in fulfilment of the great commission there by:

1. Raising men that will fulfil their callings and purpose on earth, while preparing for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Making somebody out of a nobody.

3. Raising men of distinction in all areas and endeavours of life.

4. Leaving a golden legacy for generations yet unborn

5. Creating enabling atmosphere for worship, training, ministrations, fellowship, evangelism and missions.

1. Understanding that the church of Jesus Christ is one. Matthew 16:18.
2. We believe in revelation of the WORD and the demonstration of the POWER of God.
3. Holiness and purity of life.
4. We believe that a child of God must be earthly relevant, well equipped.
5. Mentally and career wise to impact nationally and globally


– Brotherly love
– Distinction
– Qualitative and creative approach to things
– Emblems and signs (Psalm 74:9)
– The prophetic aura
– Evangelistic zeal
– Insights (progressive revelation)
– Motivational messages
– Drive for results
– Supernatural lifestyle
– Pride in our tribe


I love my brother/Sister/Pastor/Elder/Deacon/Deaconess/Daddy/Mummy

livingspring chapel int'l


The Board of Trustees (BOT) : Having the presiding pastor as the chairman, the wife of the presiding pastor, the senior pastors and 4 other nominated members.
National Executive Council (NEC) : Having the presiding pastor as chairman, wife of the presiding pastor, chairman council of pastors, secretary of NEC, all the senior pastors, all heads and acting heads of divisions, all states or acting state pastors, director of finance (National), the legal adviser and few nominated members.
- The Pastorate
- The Missions
- Directorate of Training and Man Power
- Development
- Directorate of Administrations
- Directorate of Finance
- Directorate of Research and Development
- Directorate of Media
- Directorate of works

Council of Pastors: Comprising all ordained pastors
livingspring chapel int'l


1 .Mystery Food: Holy communion –Mk 14:22-24. Symbolic eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of Jesus is an ordinance that was commanded by the Lord Jesus in remembrance of Him. The communion table is potent and powerful revelation for long life and healing impartation. The communion table is served weekly and often
2. Anointing Oil: Mk 6:13, James 5:124, Isaiah 10:27, Psalm 92:10. Oil in the scripture is symbo...

The Pastors