Our Bible School is the established training ARM of the church we believe training proceeds reigning. The Bible school comprises of varying levels of training as is demanded by various criteria of service and membership within the church. The  Christ international college of ministry acronymed  C.I.C.O.M is the Bible School of Livingspring Chapel International;


This is the first stage of the school with the major emphasis on the fundamental Christian diet. This school teaches the basic Principles of Christian growth and Living.


This is the second stage of the school with its major emphasis on leadership within the church. Leadership principles built solidly on a Biblical foundation is taught. An electric spiritual atmosphere is created with signs and wonder s owing.


This is the third and final stage of the school and is the pastoral school which was the single objective of raising pastors within the house hold of faith. Practical sessions and a robust internship programme give for a total Pastoral Experience that prepares our students for the calling of the ministry.

CICOM is a non-denominational college as every Christian is welcomed to experience the move of God at our College.

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